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So why choose Arion?

There are hundreds of different dog foods on the market in the UK. These range from the downright awful to a few of better quality. Deciding what to feed is extremely difficult and price is not always the best determining factor in finding a better food for your beloved pet.

At Citydog we believe, whatever the price you pay, the Arion range cannot be beaten for providing dogs with optimum nutrition.

Surviving or Thriving?

A question to ask is: “is my dog surviving or is it thriving?”

Most dogs can live a long life on fairly poor nutrtion, as can humans. You can feed a child on nothing but hamburgers and Haribo and the child won’t die. But neither will the child thrive and reach its full potential.

Arion dog food has been developed to ensure your dog receives the nutrition it needs to allow it to thrive.

The Arion Philosophy - Keep It Simple

Simple solutions for best results. Arion uses simple compositions of premium quality ingredients, to ensure highly absorbable feed and minimal allergy risk.

Feed compositions which have many different vegetable or animal raw materials are often disguising attempts to make the product less expensive to produce. Ingredients such as beef, pork, wheat, barley, rye and soy are examples of raw materials helps to cheapen the feed mixture.

Arion chooses raw materials based on three basic principles:

• Raw materials must be natural

• Raw materials must be highly digestible

• Raw materials must minimize the risk of allergies


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A significant part of digestibility is utilization, and Arion Original guarantees a utilization rate of at least 90%. Such a high utilization rate can only be achieved through raw materials of very high quality.

Meat content of Arion's feed comes exclusively from lamb, salmon, deer and chicken. The high content of meat in Arion feed makes high demands on quality. Lamb, salmon, deer and chicken have higher digestibility than cheaper raw materials such as beef and pork.

As a vegetable protein source, Arion uses mainly rice, which is easily digestible. Often rice is the only vegetable protein source in feed from Arion, while in other manufacturers' products are a mixture of rice and maize. In addition, Arion does not use wheat, barley, rye or soya, as they all have poor utilization rates and are often associated with allergies.

Joint & Mobility Sterilized Digestive Sensibility Hypoallergenic


Joint & Mobility


Digetive Sensibility





Arion Original

Chicken & Rice


Natural Ingredients

With dog food from Arion you are guaranteed a 100% natural product.

• No chemical additives

• No artificial preservatives

• No artificial colours and flavours

Only pure and natural ingredients - because Arion are convinced that it is healthier for your dog.

Arion Original

Lamb & Rice

Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants in the diet ensure feed durability and strength of the dog’s immune systems. Feed from Arion is preserved using natural antioxidants. Arion products contain antioxidants of all-natural E and D vitamins.