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Digestive Sensibility

While overweight dogs are more common, some dogs struggle to reach their ideal weight because of compromised digestive systems. This may be because of illness or for genetic reasons. With an inefficient digestive tract it can be nearly impossible for a dog to gain weight, regardless of the amount of food it eats and inevitably the dogs health suffers.

Arion Digestive Sensibility can make a massive difference in these cases. A careful choice of ingredients mean its goodness can be absorbed by even a severely defective gut.

Our own experience at Citydog, along with feedback from our customers, leads us to expect the following from feeding Arion Digestive Sensibility

Is your dog underweight?

If you are unsure whether or not your dog is underweight, please consult Arion’s Body Condition chart.

More detailed information is available on the Arion website. Arion Health&Care

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