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Joint & Mobility - Movement and joint problems are quite common in dogs, especially over the age of 5. ARION HEALTH&CARE Joint & Mobility has been developed to support the joints for a more flexible mobility system.

Hypoallergenic - developed to improve and maintain the condition of the skin and coat. By carefully selecting highly digestible ingredients and avoiding ingredients with potential allergens, this food eliminates the risk of skin irritation and itching.

What is Arion Health & Care?

Because some dogs have more specific needs Arion have developed a range of four specialised foods for daily feeding. The unique composition and health-promoting additives in ARION Health & Care products make a real difference. By giving your dog these foods every day, you will see a substantial difference.

Sterilized - Research demonstrates that sterilization or castration changes your dog’s hormone levels, increasing the risk of becoming overweight. ARION HEALTH&CARE Sterilized is adapted to meet the specific nutritional needs of sterilized dogs, helping them regain or maintain optimum weight levels and muscle structure.

Digestive Sensibility - developed to restore a balanced digestive system. A careful selection of highly digestible proteins and carbohydrates helps normalize the digestive system while natural prebiotics and additional glucans optimize the intestinal flora and improve digestion.

Please visit Arion’s own website for specific details on the Heath & Care range Arion Health&Care

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