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CITYDOG PET SUPPLIES - Sole UK Suppliers of Arion® Dog Food

In October 2016 Citydog began to import Arion dog food, because we believe it surpasses all others on the market in Britain. Both the gluten free Original range and the specialist Health & Care range, are of exceptional quality and very carefully crafted to meet the needs of your dog.

Arion has been on the market for almost 40 years and is part of the worldwide Dutch group Nutreco. With 12,000 employees exclusively dedicated to nutrition for animals and humans, it is their expertise that is behind the developmentof the Arion range.

Arion wants owners and their pets to enjoy one another, and they achieve this by giving them the best nutrition.

Arion products have been developed to reach our objective of giving our four-legged friends healthy and happy lives.

Arion uses all its knowledge to develop high quality foods by using only natural ingredients.

We feed the best moments: walking and running together, doing highly competitive sports, or simply relaxing at home. Even when we enter dog shows, we want to ensure that our pet is more elegant and beautiful.

In all these everyday situations, Arion is the best option for our four-legged friends to live healthily and happily.

Their friendship and love inspire us.

ARION -  Feeding your enjoyment more… more… more…

A Case Study

Hobo is a fourteen year old collie. Three years ago his weak back end seemed to be heading downhill rapidly. More and more I was having to help him into the car and up steps. I even went so far as to buy a fully body lifting harness. Then two years ago I discovered Arion Joint & Mobility. Now, I’m not going to claim he’s turned into a bouncing puppy, not at fourteen years old. But he is reinvigorated. He can get into the car as easily or easier than three years ago. And he plays for ten hours a day in the dog daycare I run.

This is just one of the reasons we began importing the Arion range and why we’re so happy to sell it to our customers.

We Know Arion Makes A Difference

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